I had a terrible experience with the wecleangarages company for which you

advertised. Because of your advertisements, I assumed the company was

reputable and on all levels. I contacted the company at which time they

billed my credit card 249.00 immediately. This they did before performing

the service. For two months they have exchanged emails and provided links

to their refund policy. I did hire them but after their team of cleaners

were not scheduled to clean my garage the day agreed upon, I notified the

company. I then had my garage cleaned to accomplish my goal.

As of today, 7/18/2014, the wecleangarages company have not refunded me.

As a result of this company's behavior I do not trust the Amazon and

Angie's Lists advertisements. I did not deserve to have my monies taken and

I want it to be returned now. I did contact my bank to initiate an inquiry

for fraud.

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